AGM 2011

This year’s AGM took place in late September, again in The Community Rooms in Millman Street, London.

You can view the day’s agenda here


The new executive committee for 2011 – 2012 was elected as follows:

Chair: Brian Foster

Vice Chairs: Tim Everson & Bill Forrester

Treasurer: Hazel Terry

Committee: Thomas Acton, Pat Barr, Kate D’Arcy, Sally Palmer, Verity Nelson, Helen Blow, Anne Walker, Margaret Wood.

Chair’s Report

Pat Barr reported on the year for ACERT

Read Pat’s address


Eric Avebury delivered his update speech at the AGM. You can read his speech in full by following the link below.

Read Lord Avebury’s speech here

Cuts to Traveller Education Services

Michael Doherty reported on his research into the extent of cuts in Traveller Education.

Read Michael’s speech

Traveller Education: A DfE Perspective

Angela Overington spoke on behalf of the Department of Education.

Read notes on Angela’s talk

The Roma Support Group

Laura Grearson and Gabriella Smolinska-Poffley spoke about their organisation. The presentation file can be downloaded below. Note that this is a large file – over 18Mb in size.

Download Roma Support Group Presentation

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Download Roma Support Engagement Programme Leaflet

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Presentation by Alan Anstead

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