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One of the best things about Padlet for teachers is how very easy it is to use, even for young students. It works on computers and laptops, plus devices like Chromebooks, iPads, or smartphones. 

ACERT Showmen’s Working Group

Media Release (23/05/22)

The ACERT Showmen’s Working Group is a newly formed network of community members, researchers and educators, dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for Showmen throughout the UK and Ireland. Inclusive of all persons who identify as “Showman”, “Show-woman” or “Show person”, regardless of business practice, independent of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain or heritage.    

ACERT’s charitable objectives are: 1) advance the education and the protection and preservation of the health of travellers; (2) promote good community relations by a) endeavouring to eliminate discrimination against travellers on racial or other grounds; b) encourage equal opportunity between travellers and other groups in a multi-cultural society.

The ACERT Showmen’s Working Group have chosen to uphold these charitable objectives, in additional to the following aims: 1) to establish network which can act as a collective voice with regards to improving educational practice and outcomes for Showmen; 2) to provide an additional platform which will allow Showmen to be included in consultations with the department of education or UK parliament; 3) to highlight and promote educational projects designed for Showmen; 4) to expand our individual resources by creating a shared archive and CRM; 5) to create a space in which we can provide mutual peer support; 6) to champion our individual identity, whilst working within the broader GTRSB collective; and 7) to generate/publish and publicise accurate, reliable information about Showmen’s education within the collective. 

The current members of the ACERT Showmen’s Working Group: Candace Thomas (ACERT Vice Chair), Colin Clarke (ACERT executive committee), Valdemar Kalinin (ACERT executive committee), Siobhan Spencer (ACERT executive committee), Mitch Miller (Fair Scotland), Natalie Cowie-Kayes (Fair Scotland), Joannie Peak (Future 4 Fairgrounds), Colleen Roper (Future 4 Fairgrounds), Tyler Hatwell (Traveller Pride), Sheldon Chadwick (Showmen’s Mental Health Awareness), Kath Cresswell (Teacher), and Samantha Heeson (Showmen’s Guild member). 

The ACERT Showmen’s Working Group meet via zoom on a regular basis (approx. every 6 weeks) and have a rotating chair, which allows for collective responsibility and ensures an equitable environment for all members. If you are involved in education, are a showmen or parent looking to join our group please contact:

The Show must go on

New book for young readers with fairground context

Nestled quietly by the railway and the river, in the Showman’s Yard, a treasure trove can be found … but only by those who really look, and really listen.’

Follow Mary Ann and her travelling Showmen family as they defend their yard from developers. The generations work together to help everyone understand that Grandad Henry is right: ‘not all treasure glistens’.