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One of the best things about Padlet for teachers is how very easy it is to use, even for young students. It works on computers and laptops, plus devices like Chromebooks, iPads, or smartphones. 

Roma families and Children’s Services

The Roma Support Group and Law for Life have produced a short film which captures some experiences that Roma parents had when interacting with Children’s Services.

The film, based on a real case, is narrated by Romanian Roma community members in Romanes.

This film is part of a wider project to support Roma in the context of child protection which aims to improve access to justice for Roma families going through child protection.  

The film is accompanied by other free resources:

A guide to child protection for Roma parents
Keeping our children safe – a film for Roma parents 
Child protection- introductory training for Roma champions and advocates  

Roma Support Group and Law for Life would be grateful if you could share this film through your social networks and in your direct work with Roma families and Children’s Services.

World Roma Congress Jubilee website opens

Every place, there is Roma, there is Romanistan.

Slobodan Berberski, president of the First World Roma Congress in 1971,

From the 8th April 2021 the online congress to mark the 50th Anniversary of the World Romani Congress will be stretched over a month starting in London and moving to Berlin joining cities as far apart as Belgrade and Buenos Aires, activists from Barcelona to Bangalore, in India

Events can be enjoyed via a live stream at a virtual place that crosses all continental borders and connects Romani people worldwide.

On 8th April 1971, the World Romani Congress founding event was held in London. It was a crucial point in the history of Romani people and is now seen as the beginning of the worldwide Romani emancipation movement. It started a political fight for equality, mobilised through Romani organisations, and the unifying flag and anthem. 

This year to mark the jubilee anniversary you are invited to join a series of diverse online events that will offer the opportunity to connect communities across the globe to celebrate Romani history and culture but also critically reflect on the ongoing challenges that are still faced by Romani people worldwide

Events can be enjoyed via a live stream at a virtual place that crosses all continental borders and connects Romani people worldwide.

At a time of rising far-right extremism and anti-gypsyism it is hoped that this anniversary year will bring Romani people and our allies around the world closer together, to create a common purpose, celebrate achievements, and build a stronger collective voice.

Grattan Puxon, one of the co-organisers of the First World Romani Congress