Roma students co-create environment exhibition

Rosemarie Cisneros co-created an exhibition called IMPORT AND EXPORT with Roma young people in Sheffield.  There were secondary schools involved and is a great example of what is possible when schools support and create space for new ways of thinking about Roma pride and climate justice.

The exhibition was supported by the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Equity and Inclusion and the Romani Cultural & Arts Company as part of the GM6 Programme.

The exhibition includes a screendance work that is part of a trilogy linked to climate justice. The film is called OCEAN: Import & Export.

Rosa would be happy to speak with any schools or individuals to think about ways of reusing the work or expanding on the exhibition. 

Bringing heritage alive

Members of the Salford Irish Traveller community, Salford Children’s Services and Salford Community Leisure took part in a three year project to build a traditional Bill Wright-style Bow Top Gypsy wagon.

They worked with a local Irish Traveller master craftsman, learning traditional skills of wagon making which have been passed down over many decades. They also learnt about the lifestyle, culture and traditions of life and survival on the road.

This project enabled over 20 young Travellers and non-Travellers to work together and learn from each other, exploring a unique minority heritage which is often misunderstood and maligned.

The accompanying educational exhibition and activity programme explores themes such as traditions, culture, heritage and identity and why these things  are so important in all our lives.

Health resources co-created with Roma Pupils

For six weeks, four Roma pupils from Fir Vale School (Sheffield, UK) worked closely with GPs, medical staff and other professionals to co-create resources that can be reused by different services and the NHS. The girls helped produce Child Vaccinations flyers, HPV flyers and a video diary on their own journey of receiving their HPV vaccines.

GP Roma Pupils Project

Sikavas tumenge sar pes džas  te očinel pro HPV (Romanes)

Cesta počas ktorej sme sa dali očkovat’ proti HPV virisu (Slovakian)

The Roma pupils also created two flyers that are Open Access and made with the intention to share widely and be reused by different services. The HPV Vaccinations and Children’s Vaccinations Flyers are downloadable below. The flyers are in three languages: English, Slovakian and Romanes.

O Očkovanie Prekalo Čhave (Child Vaccine info Romanes)

Očkovanie Detí (Child vaccine info Slovakian)



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