Powerful women

The 2018 conference lived up to and maybe exceeded our expectations. We heard about powerful Gypsy women in history, strong women in the circus, Traveller activism in Ireland , videos, poetry and personal testimonies. Laughter, applause, conversation and community. A very special occasion.

Conference theme  Speaker biographies Gypsy women – an historical perspective
Challenging prejudice – Sindy Joyce Circus strong women – Dea Birkett God bless us all – by Lois Brookes-Jones
Being Roma in Britain – Natasha & Mania Malik Hate crime and genocide – Gate Herts Take us as we are – Liza Mortimor
  Personal Testimonies  


Gypsy, Roma, Travellers, Sinti LGBTIQ Communities Training day

Date: Friday 14th December 2018

Venue: Friends House 173 – 177 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ

Admission: The cost for the ½ day workshop is £108.39 per delegate, if you book before the Thursday 6th December and £124.56 per delegate if you book between Friday 7th December and Thursday 13th December 2018. Places will only be secured with a confirmed payment.

Organisers – The Romani Cultural & Arts Company

General Information

The Romani Cultural and Arts Company will be delivering training in on Friday 14th December 2018

½ day workshop in either the morning (9am -12.30) or the afternoon (1pm – 4.30):

Raising awareness of Gypsy, Roma, Travellers, Sinti LGBTIQ people

A minority within a minority

This unique training is 100% devised and delivered by LGBTIQ Romani People

The aim of the training is to make the general public aware that the intersection between these two groups is filled with real people. They face a specific set of problems and they have a specific advantages. Being able to take advantage of this for everyone’s benefit begins with awareness.

This training is intended for the general public. Participants should hopefully include a mixture of both Romani and non-Romani, LGBT and non-LGBT audiences, and any other non-expert. This is not a forum for researchers to gather data. This is a safe space for sharing experiences, anecdotes, practical information, and building a network of supporters.

During the training, there will be:

– a history of the LGBT Roma movement will be presented,

– a summary of the first two international conferences in Europe

– the questions discussed and the conclusions brought about by these two conferences

– practical exercises dividing participants into small groups will try to develop how to create a more inclusive environment, how can we ensure all voices are heard, and how can we reach a wider audience, and what the benefits are

William Bila Consultant for Romani Cultural and Arts Company said: “Being visible within our communities, at the intersection of our communities, is not just for the sake of being visible even though it would suffice as a valid reason to simply remind everyone of our existence. We are here because we have something more to offer, to initiate a convergence of actors to unite in our common struggles against the dehumanizing effects of stereotypes that make assumptions based on misperceptions about ‘the other’.”

Book at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gypsy-roma-travellers-sinti-lgbtiq-communities-training-day-tickets-51546140895

Continuation funding for Arts-based workshops and activities in South Wales

The Romani Cultural & Arts Company is proud to announce that BBC Children in Need has granted a further £153,343 grant over 3 years to fund the excellent project work that takes arts-based workshops and activities onto the Gypsy & Traveller Caravan Sites of South Wales.

This is a groundbreaking project which is devised, developed and led by Gypsies & Travellers. Relationships with our community are so strong that the Romani Cultural & Arts Company are able to better support and engage and improve the life chances of the children and young people the BBC Children In Need project is designed to support.

Isaac Blake, Director of RCAC says that ‘These children deserve the best start in life and I am proud, as a Romani Gypsy to be able to continue to take our work directly to these children on site. BBC Children in Need can rest assured that they are making a tremendous difference to some very special young people.’

The enhanced project will be re-launched in January 2019 and even more young people than before will benefit and get improved opportunities to engage and mix socially whilst learning new skills.

Jemma Wray, National Head of Wales for BBC Children in Need said: “Gypsy and Traveller children and young people are some of the most excluded and disadvantaged in our communities. Children and young people need access to activities, opportunities and new experiences and people, in order to help equip them for life with a range of personal and tangible skills.   In the coming months RCAC will work across south Wales supporting Gypsy and Traveller Children to fulfil their potential and BBC Children in Need is pleased to be supporting this work”  

Julie James, Leader of the House and Chief Whip, said: “It’s excellent to hear The Romani Cultural & Arts Company has been awarded funding from BBC Children in Need. With the workshops taking place at the heart of the community, the funding will help to enrich the lives of these young people.”

Dr Daniel Baker, Romani artist, curator and academic says: “The Romani Cultural and Arts Company continues to deliver its ground braking project which remain unique in commissioning new work and developing new knowledge from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community members. Their work not only inspires community members but also influences wider policy making. The RCAC’s work is of great value to the individual and to society at large”.

Dr. Adrian Marsh, Researcher in Romani Studies, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, Turkey, said: “The Romani Cultural and Arts Company has been implementing projects and programmes for Romani and Traveller communities across Wales for a decade and deserves the support it regularly receives from major donors (such as the BBC children In Need, the Open Society Foundations, the Allen Lane Trust, the Welsh Heritage Lottery fund, the Arts Council in Wales and the Big Lottery People and Places programme, amongst others). Maintaining the highest standards and quality for each and every aspect of the organisation’s work, the Romani Cultural & Arts Company consistently delivers exceptional results and inestimably improves the day-to-day experiences of Romani and Traveller families. Their associated work with the wider communities in Wales is also an essential aspect of the operation, with the promotion of social cohesion and understanding about Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, to the wider society and political institutions of government and local authorities in the country. Romani and Traveller children are amongst the most excluded in Wales and for them, Wales isn’t fairer in health outcomes, educational attainment and access to quality care. Romani Cultural & Arts Company addresses these inequalities through its valuable work in the arts and culture, giving meaning to the much used (perhaps over-used) aspirations in policy and strategy for children and young people regarding ‘participation’, ’empowerment’ and engagement.”

ACERT gives evidence to parliamentary enquiry

ACERT chair, Rose McCarthy and EC member, Brian Foster gave evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry on education inequalities in Gypsy Roma and Traveller Communities on 12th September 2018. This follows a written submission made earlier in the year by Lisa Smith (current chair) and Margaret Wood, EC member. You can watch Parliament TV coverage of the session here.