Successful mediator trainees

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Eighteen trainees from Gypsy, Irish Traveller and Roma communities were presented with certificates by Marcos Andrade
Project Manager ROMED, Ian Naysmith Department of Communities and Local Government and Keith Whitmore, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. The trainees participated in two residential sessions totalling six days, and also completed an assignment. A further six trainees were unable to attend the final session, but we recognise their contributions and hope it will be possible to include them in future training.

ACERT  hopes to make the case for a future course and any Community members wishing to participate can express interest by following this link. The training is intended for community members whose work (paid or voluntary) includes mediation.

Thank you to all who contributed to this important initiative.

Dream Makers

DreamMakers is a 16 months long, UK – wide project (Glasgow, Bolton, Peterborough, Newham, London) . In each location, 6-8 young people (between 13-19 year olds)  of Roma, English Romany, Irish Traveller and non-Roma backgrounds, will be given training in photography, sound and video, to become reporters from their communities. The project is exploring themes of identity, migration, belonging, dreams and aspirations. 
Please visit to find out more.

A Steering Committe of members from all the partnering organisations is following the project.
After each lot of workshops in each location a community celebratory event/exhibition will take place: first one to be in Glasgow, 11 December 2012.

A final exhibition collating all the materials and bringing together all the participants will take place in London at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, June 2013. It will be surrounded by a series of events and symposiums.

The young DreamMakers will co-curate the exhibiton.

A book with all the materials will be published in Autumn 2013.

ACERT AGM 2012 provides food for thought

The 2012 AGM was well attended and provided a high quality input from speakers and participants. We took a shortened lunch break and abandoned the final session because the discussions around each issue were so engaging. In the next few days we’ll try to summarise the content to give those who attended the opportunity to feed back their reflections, and to those who couldn’t make it a flavour of what they missed.

The Executive wishes to thank all those who contributed in any way, and hope we can use the ideas and enthusiasm to sustain the campaign for the rights of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in the forthcoming year.