Mental Health Questionnaire for Travellers

ACERT EC vice-chair, Tyler Hatwell, is a Fairground Traveller, founder of Traveller Pride and a trained psychotherapist. He’s trying to find out more about the experiences of mental stress and their efforts to find support.

He has compiled a survey and asks us to draw it to the attention of as many Gypsy, Roma and Traveller individuals and organisations as possible.
The survey is here. It is completely anonymous.

A still from one of the short “It’s Kushti to Rokker” film series
It’s Kushti to Rokker is an education and community filmmaking project by Rural Media. A group of young people have been working with writers and filmmakers to create a series of short films about health, wellbeing and diversity based on their real-life experiences to inspire and support other young people to seek help.

The workshop at the Traveller Movement conference addressing these issue was very well attended and suggests there is much to be done in this area.

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