Reestablishing the National Roma Network

The Renewed National Roma Network (NRN) survey, undertaken by Liverpool John Moores University, explored whether there is a need and/or energy to re-establish the NRN and, if so, what the renewed NRN aims/objectives be.

Founding members of the National Roma Network and Roma community members collaborated with Liverpool John Moore’s University, to co-design and develop through open consultation a ‘Renewed National Roma Network Survey’. The consultations took place over several weeks through online meetings and sample questioning. 


• 72% state they miss the collective knowledge sharing provided by NRN. Since the NRN Disbanded in 2017 most people miss the collective knowledge sharing and networking. Furthermore, respondents miss the opportunity to learn from other Roma communities in the UK. 

• 59% miss the NRN best practice models and 51% miss the collective Lobbying of the Government. 

• Most respondents believe there is a clear barrier for the Roma community when getting access to support/ basic access needs. 

• Most respondents believe language is the largest barrier with very few translators in schools/health care. 

• Further barriers include literacy, digital exclusion, poverty, discrimination/trust. 

• 70% of people believe funding is the biggest barrier to supporting the Roma community in the future. 

• 48% of respondents said there is a barrier to engaging with the Roma community 

• 61% of respondents believe it is difficult for Roma to access Universal Credit. 

• Most people believe the local government does not have significant understanding of the local Roma community community’s 

• 26% of respondents believe there is not enough in place within their organisation to support the Roma community.

The findings are that there is a need for a Roma support network for knowledge sharing, learning from other Roma and influencing government policy and practice. It recommends the formation of a support group for Roma through a bid. 

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