Responses to s444(6) consultation

The consultation on the repeal of s444(6) ended on Friday 22nd February, but the campaign goes on. Below are our submission and those from some of our partner organisations. If anyone would like their submission to be added, please email it to us at Having a record in one place of all the arguments put would be valuable. Feedback from the Department of Education suggests that there has been a significant response.


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3 thoughts on “Responses to s444(6) consultation”

  1. I think that this is really good and I am definitley happy for it to go in on behalf of ACERT.

  2. Pauline Padfield on behalf of The Scottish Traveller Education Programme (STEP)
    STEP, funded by the Scottish Government to support Travelling families in Scotland access education, offers their support for ACERT’s response to the repeal of s444(6) in England and Wales.
    Although Scotland’s curriculum and approaches to addressing learning support needs differ from England and Wales, the issues identified in the response echo some of Scotland’s experiences in delivering support for Travelling families; particularly relating to ” the practical problems of mobile parents accessing education on a short-term basis.” We hope that your discussions with government can continue so that more flexible and effective ways of including Travelling children can be established very soon.

  3. A well argued response Brian. Like you I see the repeal as a threat to a nomadic way of life but might also ironically lead to more Traveller children losing their entitlement to education in school. Tim

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