“Overwhelmed with pride at being a Gypsy and knowing that we count”.

This quote, taken from an participant evaluation, sums up the atmosphere at the first session of the UK ROMED training programme was held at Luther King House in Manchester from December 4 – 8 2012.

25 trainee mediators from Roma, Gypsy and Traveller backgrounds from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales took part. They were very positive about having been selected for the training and appreciated the successful learning experience for everyone involved.

The participants gelled as a group, enjoyed learning about each others’ cultures and rapidly developed in confidence as they took part in the training activities. They  appreciated the participative delivery style and the friendly and supportive approach of the trainers and welcomed this unique opportunity for networking and sharing of professional knowledge and experience.

When the week ended they were fired with enthusiasm, looking forward to putting into practice the skills they had learned and to meeting up with the group once again in late March.

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