ACERT meets with the Aldridge Foundation

ACERT meeting with Aldridge Foundation to discuss meeting the needs of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children in the new Kensington Aldridge Academy and in a future Virtual School

On Monday 5/11/12 ACERT met with the Aldridge Foundation who describe themselves thus:

The Aldridge Foundation is an educational charity founded by Sir Rod Aldridge to help young people to reach their potential and improve their communities, principally through the sponsorship of entrepreneurial academy schools and colleges.

We are unafraid to challenge conventional thinking and a culture of low expectations, and believe there are no limits to what people can achieve. 

The Aldridge Foundation are planning a new Academy in North Kensington in London and met with us to share ideas about meeting the educational needs of Traveller communities within the catchment area and also of the more mobile Traveller population who may need more creative provision to enable access to education.

With this is view they are looking at exciting and innovative plans to offer sustained and structured education to children not in school through a Virtual School.  This would offer students access to a highly individualised learning programme ensuring they were able to achieve formally recognised qualifications. As well as supporting the education of various groups of travelling children it was also envisaged that home educated, sick and other such groups of children could enrol in the Virtual School.

The representatives of the Foundation acknowledge the importance of meeting with the relevant communities to incorporate their views into the project.

It was a lively and optimistic meeting and the representatives went away with lots of notes saying that they had found the meeting very useful.

Posted by Amy Rogers