Greenwich research meeting

ACERT brought together a powerful group of academics, practitioners and activists to stimulate and coordinate research in the areas of Gypsy Roma Traveller Education, Health, Criminal Justice, Employment and Accommodation. The meeting was chaired by Brian Foster and led by Emeritus Professor Thomas Acton.

It was recognised that research operates at many different levels, developing theories, informing practitioners and influencing policy making; proposals should aim to do be as practically useful in supporting the communities struggles for Human Rights and Respect. Community based groups, such as the Irish Travellers Movement in Britain argued for research to support policy change. Academics from six different Universities outlined the work in which they were involved and set the work in a European context.

It was agreed that bids for research should be build on existing good quality studies, feed into policy development and involve community participation. It was agreed that research proposals should be developed by groups of interested individuals, but that the research group should meet regularly for updates. The next meeting will be on Friday April 20th, 10-12am, Open Society Foundation, Cambridge House, 100 Cambridge Grove (2nd floor) Hammersmith, London W6 0LE. The meeting is open to all with an interest in these areas of research.

Meeting minutes:

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