Before the start of the second session we would like you to apply what you have learned in the first training session to  your daily practice and submit three reports to your ACERT facilitator.

We are not concerned about the quality of your writing or presentation but we would like to see evidence that what you have learned has made a difference to how you do your work. The facilitators will contact you to make sure you understand the requirements and feel able to complete the assignments.

The assignments are:

  • Case study:  Analyse at least one case from personal experience, based on the form used in the module on Case Management

In the Case Study,

    • refer to what you discussed or learned from colleagues during the training
    • use documents (such as the diary, the folder, etc) to present your work
    • keep a record of the work done and prepare a report to be presented during the second training session, by using this template.

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  • Feedback on the draft Code of Ethics by answering the following questions: –
    • how did you use elements of the code? –
    • is there something very important that you would add to the code? –
    • is there something which you would delete from the code?

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  • Sharing the principles of Intercultural Mediation with your colleagues at work:
    • Plan what you will say to the person you report to when you get back from this course
    • List 2 or 3 suggestions you will make about your own work
    • Explain why it will be important for you to attend the second part of this course
    • Between the two training sessions who will you need help from in addition to ACERT?

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