Minutes EC meeting 8th June 2023

Thomas ActonPresent
Colin ClarkApologies
Brian FosterPresent
Valdemar KalininApologies
Hazel MarshApologies
Sue MutterApologies
Lisa SmithPresent
Siobhan SpencerPresent
Anne WalkerPresent
Margaret WoodPresent
Candace ThomasPresent


  • Apologies
  • Minutes of previous Meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Correspondence
  • Up coming Workplan – To consider; Youth pilot event/workshop, Education Network meetings, Conference planning and other ideas
  • Set date for AGM
  • Set date for conference in Spring
  • Set date for EC meetings
  • Finance Update
  • AOB

The following resolution was circulated to the EC to ensure there was majority agreement with the decision to fund Lisa Smith’s training opportunity which needed to be taken before May 31st.

Lisa Smith, ACERT chair has been offered a place on a year long Training and Mentoring Programme for female identifying film makers from marginalised backgrounds provided by CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator | Training Initiative. She aims to create a feature documentary  that is aimed at preserving the cultural memory of Romani Travellers stopping places in England & Wales through a personal family perspective. Its aim is to bring issues facing us to the attention of an international audience. The project will aims to critically examine the legislation surrounding Gypsy status.
This EC believes that the planned documentary will be a powerful educational resource within the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and among broader society, focusing on the part nomadic Romani people have played. We also believe that Lisa will develop skills which she will make available to other community members to support and encourage them in using film as a medium to challenge discrimination and promote equal opportunity.
The members of this EC, as trustees of ACERT agree, to make a contribution to the course fee of £3000 on the understanding that the skills gained and the finished product will be used to support the objects of the charity.


7 trustees responded before the deadline, all supporting the resolution.

Siobhan had not been successful in identifying funding to support Lisa’s training but we should use her experience to develop a bid to the 2023 Lottery Community Fund. Movement for Change is another potential source of funding. ACERT have joined M4C but we have not attended meetings. We need to do that if we wish to have bid considered seriously.

Candace described the work of an EPIC volunteer who has promoted the charity on Social Media. She is interested in offering this service for an honorarium to other charities.

The EC would be interested to meet her and share our existing website posts to see what she might make of them.


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Thursday 9th November 5:00pm online.

EC Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month at 5pm online

Springtime Conference

10th March 2024 Hybrid. Anne Walker to liaise with Maria Faraone about her offer of Oxford Brookes University as an host.

Education Support network

7th June meeting

Over 30 people attended the online meeting. Details of these presentations are available on the ACERT website:

Dates of Education Network Meetings for the next year are on the ACERT website Landing page. All meetings online 1:30 – 3:00pm.

  • 20 Sep 23 
  • 8 Nov 23
  • 10 Jan 24
  • 28 Feb 24
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Next EC meeting

6th July at 6:00pm

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