Voluntary Organisations Links

Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group

Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group provides valuable assistance and information to the Gypsy community in and around Derbyshire. DGLG also has close relationships with local authorities and services to aid managing Gypsy culture with knowledge and respect. DG

Visit now: https://www.dglg.org/


Equality is a charity that works to uphold and secure the rights of ethnic minority groups in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and across Europe, primarily Roma who migrated to the United Kingdom from the new EU Member States.

Visit now: https://equality.uk.com/Welcome.html

Friends Families and Travellers

This nationally recognised organisation serves the whole spectrum of Gypsy and Traveller communities whether traditional or new, settled or on the road.

Visit now: https://www.gypsy-traveller.org/

Margaret Clitheroe Trust

Margaret Clitherow Trust seeks to serve marginalised communities in the areas of faith, education, health and social inclusion. We primarily serve the Travelling communities of England and Wales. We also work with other marginalised groups, such as thos

Visit now: https://www.margaretclitherow.org

Roma Support Group

The Roma Support Group is a community organisation working with East European Roma refugees and migrants since 1998.

Visit now: https://www.romasupportgroup.org.uk/

The Gypsy Council

The Gypsy Council is involved in a wide specturm of support and liaison work, supporting Gypsy Families in planning applications and their fight for legal places to live

Visit now: https://www.gypsy-association.co.uk/gypsycouncil.html

Travellers Aid Trust

This organisation is now semi-dormant but may still be able to provide small emergency grants

Visit now: https://travellersaidtrust.org/