Draft minutes 2016 AGM

Saturday September 17th 
Friends Meeting House,
173-177 Euston Rd,
London NW1 2BJ


Rose McCarthy, Brian Foster, Felicity Bonel, Anne Walker, Thomas Acton, Sue Mutter, Sylvie Parkes, Margaret Wood, Tim Everson, Jason Smith, Lisa Smith, Charlene McCarthy, Stephen Cartwright, Siobhan Spencer, Peter Norton, William Reid, Ruth Reid, Jeremy Harte, Beverley Walker, Helen Guild, J.C. Niala, Valdemar Kalinin, Adrienne Green, Andris Tertrats, Tanya Jovanovic


Colin Clark, Kathleen Walsh, Lisa Galloway, Lily Elise Galloway, Nicky Snell, Chris Johnstone, Baroness Whitaker

 Chair’s Report 

Rose McCarthy introduced her 2015 – 2016 Chair’s Report and invited Brian Foster to highlight ACERT’s main achievements over the past year.  

Treasurer’s Report

  • Anne Walker presented the financial report for 2015 -2016. The report was approved.
  • Adoption of Accounts – the meeting approved the accounts
  • Appointment of Auditors – the meeting agreed that ACERT will continue to use the Devon firm Bibby

Election of Officers and Executive Committee for 2016-7

The following were elected, all unopposed.

Position Name Proposer Seconder
Chair Rose McCarthy Anne Walker Lisa Smith
Vice Chair Valdemar Kalinin Thomas Acton Anne Walker
Vice Chair Lisa Smith Margaret Wood Tim Everson
Treasurer/Membership Anne Walker Brian Foster Stephen Cartwright
Committee Hazel Marsh Tim Everson Margaret Wood
  Sue Mutter Brian Foster Sylvie Parkes
  Thomas Acton Brian Foster Tim Everson
  Margaret Wood Valdemar Kalinin Anne Walker
  Jason Smith Margaret Wood Tim Everson
  Tim Everson Anne Walker Sue Mutter
  Siobhan Spencer Thomas Acton Brian Foster
  Sylvie Parkes Brian Foster Margaret Wood
  Tanja Jovanovic Margaret Wood Lisa Smith
  Andris Tertats Thomas Acton Rose McCarthy
  Brian Foster Anne Walker Stephen Cartwright

Date of next AGM

The date will be set by the new executive.

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