Minutes EC meeting 3rd February 2022

Thomas ActonPresent
Colin ClarkPresent
Brian FosterPresent
Valdemar KalininApologies
Hazel MarshApologies
Sue MutterPresent
Lisa SmithApologies
Siobhan SpencerApologies
Candace ThomasPresent
Anne WalkerPresent
Margaret WoodPresent
Coleen RoperFuture for Fairgrounds
Sheldon ChadwickThe Showmen’s Mental Health Awareness Charity


Minutes of previous meeting 3rd March 2022


Matters arising

  • Colin talked to Arthur Ivatts about his collection. The British Library (which has copies of all publications with ISBNs) was only interested in filling gaps in its collection. Arthur wants to try and keep it together.
  • Thomas will contact Romani Routes. Hopefully, Siobhan will have contacted Robert Dawson and the RGFHS.

Finance report

Cafbank £13809

PayPal £  1390
Total £15199


Liaison with Show People

  • ACERT has history in Traveller Education and has always included Show and Circus families in our activities.
  • Colleen explained about Future for Fairgrounds was formed in Sept 2020 by 6 mothers in the fairground community feeling their culture was under threat from the pandemic.
  • They are developing a database of fairs and families and have purchased 1000 copies of The show must go on from Pearson and distributed 5 per school to 200 schools local to the Charter Fair sites. They would love to be involved in more schools.
  • Having the book in school would encourage inclusion without children being expected to explain and justify themselves.
  • EPIC, F4F and TSMHAC are planning an event for Fairgrounds families attending the Leeds Valentines Funfair at Radisson Blue Hotel on of 24th February. National Fairground archive; Epic Assist, Illustration workshop.
  • September is World Funfair Month
  • Discussion with ONS about the tick-box “Showpeople” which has been added to the census although there could be confusion with actors. “Showman and Showwoman” avoids that.
  • Showman is a trade and an identity.
  • There is currently no tick-box on school admissions forms so data gets lost.
  • F4F is involved in the pledge and now trying to spread it down from Higher Education into schools.
  • Government expects children to access schools when they travel but isn’t realistic about the challenges they face.
  • Role of education in prevention of prejudice and misunderstanding.
  • Post on the website to publicise “The Show must go on.”
  • Establish a working party to develop an idea of a Fairground Families subgroup of ACERT with its own landing page on the website.
  • Invitation to the next Education Support Network meeting on Match 9th.

Next meeting

Thursday 3rd March at 6 pm