Storytelling, Education & Wellbeing

ACERT Annual Conference 2022

Illustration from Jell akai chavvies by Kathleen Cunningham

Friday 16th of September 
10am – 4-00pm

Liverpool John Moore’s University
Student Life Building
Copperas Hill
Liverpool L3 5GE
and online

Themes of the day
  • GTRSB (Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showmen and Boaters) Pledge for schools
  • Showmen’s Education Rights
  • Mental Health in Education
  • Storytelling and inclusion
  • Looking to the future through Innovations in Education
This one day conference provides an opportunity for activists from Romani and all other Traveller communities and heritages to share the work they are doing with each other and with ACERT members and supporters.
We hope to identify ways we can use each others’ work to improve the opportunities and outcomes through education.
Richard O’Neill will chair a lively day of presentations and discussions on school and community initiatives that widen opportunities and raise expectations.

Last year ACERT took the risk of organising a Face-to-Face conference and those who attended were reminded how limiting online events can be. We hedged our bets by enabling online participation for those who preferred not to or were unable to attend in person. One benefit was that the whole event was filmed with good quality audio and we were able to make the video available on our website. Our plan is to do the same in 2022.

We want all participants to find this an accessible event. This event is costing ACERT £40 per person. We have set a Standard Ticket price for all who can afford it but if this is beyond you, please make the best donation you can. A buffet lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Provisional programme
Welcome and introductions
GTRSB Pledge for schoolsSherrie Smith, Ruby Smith, Sally
Showmen’s Education Mitch Miller, Future 4 Fairgrounds 
StorytellingDavid Pullar, Rosa-Maria Cisneros (video)
Panel (all morning contributors)
Mental Health in EducationSheldon Chadwick & Candace Thomas; Sally Carr (video),
Violet Cannon Smith
StorytellingThomas McCarthy  
Innovation – futuring GTRSB educationToby Gorniak MBE – The Street Factory
PanelAll afternoon contributors
Concluding remarksLisa Smith/Richard O’Neill 
Conference Close
National Fairground Archive
Future 4 Fairgrounds
Fair Scotland
EPIC Assist Charity Scotland
Showmen’s Mental Health Awareness Charity
The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain
Melvin Thomas: Tangible Fairground Heritage display/materials 
GTRSB Pledge

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