Ethnicity codes

The attached document from the DFE sets out a proposal that would allow schools to use the option of either “Gypsy” or “Roma” to give parents a choice thus hopefully increasing ascription and accuracy of data, while also minimising any burden on schools. Critically, by keeping the new categories (Gypsy and Roma) relatively close to the existing category (Gypsy/Roma) we can with confidence continue to aggregate data and thus there would be no disruption in our ability to compare changes in attainment/attendance over time. read more

DFE stakeholder group

The Department of Education meets a group of community members and activists three times each year to discuss developing areas of Government policy relating to Gypsy, Roma and Traveller education. The meetings are chaired by Baroness Whittaker and ACERT usually sends two representatives.

Here are the documents for the next meeting.