Petition and demonstration to support Gypsy status campaign


A campaign is growing to challenge the change in planning regulations which changes the planning definition of Traveller to those who have  a nomadic habit of life. Those who have permanently ceased to travel, to get their children educated, due to old age and ill-health, will lose the right to be considered as travellers.

ACERT encourages its members to sign the online petition and attend the national demonstration on 21st May 2016.

The petition was launched after a meeting between HertsGATE, The Gypsy Council, The Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association and former UK Association of Gypsy Women campaigner Shay Clipson at the Traveller Movement office on the Holloway Road in London. read more

ACERT campaigns to preserve Cambridgeshire Traveller Education

Rosemarie McCarthy, Chair of ACERT, has written to Ms Joanna Pallett, Head of Vulnerable Groups at Cambridgeshire County Council to make her aware of the serious impact of proposed cuts to Traveller Education provision. The service had already been cut back in 2010.

She wrote: “… these services have a crucial role in identifying and promoting ways of raising educational aspirations and attainment. Working alongside other staff, including home-school officers and school staff, they support increased parental involvement, help improve secondary transfer and reduce drop out rates, raise teacher and pupil expectations, break down barriers and encourage schools to provide a culturally relevant and affirming curriculum. read more

Advice and support for families facing exclusion from school


The Community Empowerment Network has asked ACERT to publicise their services amongst the Travelling communities.
Marc Lorenzi writes:

” I am concerned that year after year Traveler’s feature among the most
disproportionately excluded and under achieving groups however we don’t
receive referrals or enjoy any type of narrative with Travelling

This is a snapshot of what we can offer:

  • Support with young people at risk of exclusion
  • Free legal advice and representation
  • Exclusion appeals
  • Support with school reintegration
  • Advocacy training for practitioners. “

We’d be happy to receive feedback from any ACERT members who use this service. read more

Responses to s444(6) consultation

The consultation on the repeal of s444(6) ended on Friday 22nd February, but the campaign goes on. Below are our submission and those from some of our partner organisations. If anyone would like their submission to be added, please email it to us at Having a record in one place of all the arguments put would be valuable. Feedback from the Department of Education suggests that there has been a significant response.